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These articles offer advice and practical information on how to incorporate chatbots as another delivery channel for technical communication.

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Conversational semantics

Conversational Semantics – A List Apart

As Alexa, Cortana, Siri, and even customer support chat… 

  • 4. Oct
  • 703
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Enabling Content in Chatbots and AI: Modeling Microcontent Structure for DITA – BrightTALK

This webinar by The Content Wrangler and Precision Content… 

  • 20. Jul
  • 563
  • 0

The Role of Taxonomy in Delivering Technical Documentation to Chatbots and Voice Interfaces – Zoomin

As the title suggests, this webinar describes the use of… 

  • 20. Jul
  • 558
  • 0

AI, Chatbots, and Content, Oh My! (or Technical Writers Are Doomed—to Lifelong Employment) – intercom magazine

In this article, Seth Earley examines the hype surrounding… 

  • 20. Jul
  • 560
  • 0

How to Document Chatbot Requirements – Chatbots Magazine

It takes a lot of work to turn a chatbot idea into a… 

  • 20. Jul
  • 1K
  • 0

How Chatbots Can Add a Value to Technical Documentation – Alex Masycheff

In this LinkedIn article, Alex Masycheff describes how… 

  • 20. Jul
  • 543
  • 0

Chatbots Are Not the Future of Technical Communication – Every Page is Page One

In this article, Mark Baker examines inherent limitations… 

  • 20. Jul
  • 537
  • 0

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