Frequently Asked Questions

What is DocToolHub?

DocToolHub helps you find the right documentation tool for the job. Let’s face it: many of us have been given the task of writing software documentation without knowing appropriate tools for our requirements. It’s like starting a trip without a map. We spend time researching the lay of the land, posting questions in forums, and turning to colleagues for help. Sometimes we just buy a tool, forging ahead and hoping for the best.

This site features a curated and growing set of documentation tools and file formats. Your input is welcome as we grow the list and increase its usefulness for all.

Who made this site?

DocToolHub was created by Greg Babb, with the help of many others.

Hey, I saw something wrong in a tool description! Where do I complain?

There’s a form for that. We’re grateful for feedback.

What about this tool that’s not even listed on your site? Tons of people use it.

Great! Just send us the product’s name and some details.

Some cloud-based tools list "web browser" here as a platform, but then web browsers run on all OS platforms. So why aren't you listing these?

SaaS documentation tools (i.e., apps hosted somewhere on the internet that offer authoring and editing capabilities solely in a web browser) render discussions of OS moot. OS becomes relevant for tools either running natively on a given operating system, or for cloud-based tools that you must install locally in a client-server configuration (in which case "web browser" is listed in addition to one or more OS platforms).

I know that a certain tool has a few more features than you list here.

That's probably correct - it really wouldn't be feasible to provide an exhaustive list of features for each tool, but rather important and unique ones. However if you think that a critical feature should be a listed, then drop us a line.

I'm using an old computer from the 90s and your buttons don't work.

That's a shame. It should work for the latest versions of some modern browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari) on macOS and Win10. We've also tested it on IE11 and on Edge on Win10.

How else can I get in touch?

Just send an email.